Your Mobile Number – Your Child’s #1 Lifeline

Keep your child safe by teaching them your mobile number.

Kidnapping is a reality

We live in a scary world, where children are taken daily, never to be seen or heard from again. Years ago, we’d only hear about the kidnapping of children from wealthy families, where a hefty ransom could be demanded. Nowadays, money is sadly not the only motivation behind stealing young children and anyone can be a target.

Increase your child's safety by teaching them your mobile number.

We’ve seen from videos on social media just how quickly this can happen.  Children stolen out of shopping trolleys, right behind their mothers’ backs.  Others lured away with candy or toys and more often than we’d like to believe, taken by someone you trusted to care for them.

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Safety Precautions

As parents there are a few safety precautions we can take, especially while out with your children. I absolutely love and most definitely recommend getting a child safety harness or leash.

I don’t go anywhere without mine and my children are 1, 3 & 6 years old. Sure, I’ve had a few nasty remarks, but I get plenty more moms who stop to ask me where we purchased ours as they desperately need one too.  Opinions aside – it saves lives. (I’ll share one of my personal experiences in another post.)

Below are a few I like. We use a harness, like the one on the left. The others I’ve chosen are the backpack ones. I prefer these instead of the ones that are just secured around the wrist. For me it seems safer and more controlled to have their entire upper body secured. Besides, if something crazy does happen and I need to pull back on my child, I want to get the whole child out of the way quick enough, not just the arm and possibly dislocate the shoulder in the process.

This post contains affiliate links. Should you make a purchase through our link, I will get a small percentage of the sale, without any additional cost to you.

If you don’t like any of these, check out this link for more options:

What can we Teach our children to keep them safe?

To keep them save, we teach our children:

  • NOT to talk to strangers.
  • NOT to take candy from anyone they do not know.
  • NOT to wander off in the store isles.

A whole list of things NOT to do.  As if we don’t already know how well children respond to the word “NO”.

Your Mobile Number can be their lifeline!

Another very important thing to teach your child is to know your mobile number by heart.  Without a doubt this can save their life if they ever happen to find themselves in a situation where they do not know where they are or where you are.  Knowing they are able to contact you, also keeps them calm instead of going into a panic, which could easily put them into more danger.

Words and Numbers vs Pictures and Patterns

This, however is easier said than done. I’ve spent 2 years trying to teach my son my mobile number, to no avail.  He simply couldn’t grasp it, as numbers had no meaning to him.  At the same time, he could recognize (the picture of) numbers when seeing them, on a tablet or phone.

One day it just clicked with me. I’m trying to teach him to remember a 10-digit code that most adults cannot remember.  Instead, I should teach my visual learner a picture or pattern to get the same results.

Teaching your mobile number to your child using patterns not numbers to keep them safe.

This is the easy 3-step way I taught my son my mobile number and he still remembers it:

  1. With black board chalk on an outdoor wall of our house I drew out the keypad of a mobile phone.
  2. I wrote my mobile number next to the keypad where it is visible to my son at all times.
  3. Then I had him bounce a ball on the keypad and say it aloud as he read my number. (For example: My number started 082… he then bounced the ball on the 0 of the keypad while saying aloud “zero”, then eight, then two etc.)

My original photos were light chalk on a white wall, so I decided to recreate it for you digitally and more visibly.

Teaching your mobile number to your child to keep them safe in a fun, interactive way.
Teaching your child to learn your mobile number to keep them safe by using a ball and a wall.

This, we did everyday, till one day we ran into an old friend in the grocery store and when she asked for my number, my son just recited it. We were equally shocked, him and I, but hey – mission completed.

You can use the same technique to teach them emergency numbers. The reason I focused on my own mobile number is because the school required it at the time. I also realized that should my child ever be in trouble and phone me, I’ll immediately know when something is wrong as opposed to unfamiliar emergency personnel, that he would have to explain a situation to first.

Using Rote Counting

You could also use the Rote Counting method to help your child memorize your mobile number.

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