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Is your hosting company helping you grow your business or keeping you from thriving?

We’re living in a technological era where everything happens online. If you blink, you’re 10 steps behind. The good, the bad and the ugly of this is that you need to be on top of your game ALL THE TIME. Which is why you need a good Hosting company in your corner.

I have 4 businesses of which 3 are completely online and if I had to be offline for just a few hours I would be losing hundreds of potential sales, resulting in thousands of Rands thrown in the water.

Host Hopping

During my first 2 years of business, I moved from one hosting company to another, going through probably 5 of them. Simply because what was advertised, was not what was delivered. Of course I lost money on this, because in most cases you pay for the year in advance.

I finally found a South African based hosting company (although their services are available globally). This company just understood me. I was/am severely technologically challenged, so I need all the help I can get.

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Apart from their amazing rates and packages to choose from, whether you’re a total newbie, needing a personal site, small business all the way up to Corporate or Resellers, they also gave me the one thing I wanted more than anything. The ability to build my own website.

Website Building

With ZERO experience in website building, I could choose whether I want one of their professionals to build my site for me or to do it myself with their amazing FREE Site Builder. Also FREE is Softaculous, allowing me to install just about any software I needed to get my site running smoothly.

Superior Support

The number one reason why I recommend them above all is their superior support. I have mailed them so many times with – what I now know are the most stupid questions and every single time I would get a quick response with a very detailed explanation of what my next step should be.
Never once did they just reply and say “Hey lady, I think you should rather stick to dancing.”

I remember one day in particular, Devon Bosch from endlessly replied to my mails and I still did not get it. I asked if I could phone him and even before I got a yes reply his phone rang.
Very patiently he took me step for step through every little button, link or click so I could set up my new website.

I now have 4 websites with them and I recommend them to everyone. No matter what business you have or what industry you’re in. You cannot go wrong with these guys.

This is my Affiliate link. Check out their site and packages and if you sign up to use their Hosting services through this link, I will get a small affiliate amount at no cost to you. This is an awesome new bonus I only discovered recently as I’ve been recommending them for years, with no compensation.

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