Work from Home with Sh'ZEn

Truly a “Work from Home” business

Being a Sh’Zen Consultant is definitely the easiest and most rewarding Work from Home Opportunity I’ve ever tried and it came at a time that I truly wasn’t looking to start any new ventures. I get to spend all day with my children and can fit it in alongside all my other business projects. I almost feel bad for getting paid for something I spend so little time on and that I enjoy doing so much.

Work from home with Sh'Zen

What/Who is Sh’Zen?

Sh’Zen is a Proudly South African company, that creates skin care, specifically designed for the South African climate. Sh’Zen is inspired by nature and all their products are made from plant extracts and essential oils. They’re a company that is 30+ years strong and still bring new products to the market regularly. Although men and women alike are welcome to become a part of this direct selling company, Sh’Zen has a passion for empowering women and helping them become financially independent.

Lockdown Insanity was my business preview.

In South Africa, the Covid-19 lockdown started on 27 March 2020 and was only supposed to last for 3 weeks.  Turns out, that was the start of a nightmare that wouldn’t be over anytime soon.  Having owned a dance studio at the time we were nowhere near reopening doors, even months after this initial lockdown started.  In fact, it is now a year later and the dance industry is till not back to where it used to be.

My oldest son has Tourette’s Syndrome (you can learn more about Tourette’s and his journey on his YouTube Channel Ticcin’ Dragon).  During this lockdown period his tic attacks and rage attacks (due to the TS) started really flaring up.  Obviously the fact that we couldn’t go anywhere, see anyone or do any physical exercise outside of the home, was really having a negative impact on him.
At the same, my 2-year old daughter was still not sleeping through, my 4 year old was his normal hyper self, my housekeeper was locked down with her family and I was completely overwhelmed with everything that I needed to do.  Needless to say, my temper was short and my patience non-existent.

Fast forward a Year, this is how the “I am Calm Aromaremedy OIl” has changed our lives.

It took a simple Whatsapp message.

I am Calm Aroma Remedy Oil from Sh'Zen - A Work from Home Opportunity.

I must’ve mentioned this chaotic situation to anyone that would listen because, a lady I simply knew from one of our little stokvel Whatsapp groups told me that the “I am Calm Aromaremedy Oil” from Sh’Zen was exactly what I needed.  I had no clue what she was talking and I had never heard of Sh’Zen either, so I jumped on Google.

I immediately fell in love. This company has used essential oils in their products maaany years before this new essential oil hype started. Something that I’ve always had a fascination with.

Selling the products – No Thanks

Unfortunately, I had not earned a cent for months, so there was no way I could buy this product “just to try” in a time where everything was uncertain. She asked me if I wouldn’t consider joining as a consultant and selling the products. This way I could get my own products for 20% less and earn that in commission if someone else ordered.

Not knowing the products myself, I would not be able to recommend or sell it in good conscience, so I declined.

Clients found me before I went looking for them.

I was definitely interested in getting my own products for 20% less and decided to “test the waters” to see if there was a market for the products (seeing that I had never heard of them before), but I didn’t want to commit to anything yet.

I posted a few product images on my Whatsapp status and within minutes someone contact me. I posted a few on my personal Facebook page and couldn’t believe the response I got. Each of them asking whether I sold Sh’Zen. My first reaction was “You know Sh’Zen?!” Clearly I had been living under a rock. Everyone knew and most importantly LOVED the products.

Each of them had used the products before. They either received it as a gift or they bought it from someone years ago and haven’t been able to find a consultant since. WHAAAAT?!

Direct Selling Without the “selling”

I sent each of them the website address and told them that I would pass their orders on to the consultant assisting me. Within a few days I received over R5000 worth of orders!!!  I was stunned and quickly did the math.  If I register as a consultant, not only could I buy the R169 bottle of I am Calm Aromaremedy Oil I wanted, but I would actually EARN money on top of it. So that is exactly what I did.

If you’re not a sales person – this is perfect for you!

The most difficult part of sales is having to:

  1. Convince the potential client that they need that specific product, and
  2. Convince them why your brand is the best choice for their needs.

With Sh’Zen, neither of these are needed.  The clients who know and love the products are already out there, literally looking for someone to sell it to them.  You simply need to let them know where to contact you.

Interested in Learning more about this opportunity?

Read more about the benefits of Becoming a Sh’Zen Consultant and once you’re ready, complete your online Joining Form.

Sh'Zen Work from Home Opportunity Enrolment Form

Please use the following Sponsor details to ensure you form part of my amazing team of consultants.

Here is a 15 minute video I did, explaining all the ins and outs of being a consultant, from registration, training and deliveries to rewards and incentives.
(A few things have changed since the video, nothing major, just more opportunities to earn. I will do an updated one at some point.)

If you still have any questions on the products, the business opportunity or if this would be a good fit for you. You’re welcome to contact me directly. My details are in the video description.

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