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I’m a born Entrepreneur.
I remember my uncle working for a publishing agency when I was a child and he’d always bring us bags filled with “free samples” of magazines that didn’t sell. I would set up a little table on our porch and sell it to the locals. I have to mention, most items had a “NOT FOR SALE” label printed on it. Hahaha! Hey, I couldn’t even read at the time and people bought it. (I guess my Work from Home journey started here already.)

From Business Woman…

When I was 22 years old I opened my own dance studio. I ran it successfully with the help of my ex-husband for nearly a decade, till I decided to finally close it last year. Not because of Covid-19, not because it was a failing business (of course the pandemic did give it a hard knock). I closed it to spend more time with my children.

…to Work from Home Mama!

I know that sounds like a foolish idea and I did struggle with the decision for a long time. I am still working in the dance industry, which is what I absolutely love. I’m still running a few side hustles, like I always have. The difference is, my children can have my full, undivided attention during the day. Something they’ve never had, in between phone calls, emails, training sessions and marketing.

To work from home is not for everyone, but I know there are moms out there that will jump at the opportunity to do so. A mother counting the days before she has to leave her 4-month in the care of someone else, so she can return to work. A mother that has to supplement with formula, because her work doesn’t allow enough breaks or the facilities for her to pump at work. A mother that desperately wants to be home in time to have dinner with her family, instead she’s stuck in yet another meeting.

In this section we’ll cover a few Work from Home Opportunities for moms to consider. Interviews with moms that have taken the plunge to start their own businesses, from home or otherwise. We’ll also be adding some “reality” posts, because working from home is NOT always a breeze. Check back regularly to see if something catches your eye and your heart.

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