Why Food Supplements are Crucial! 1

Supplements – Sham or Necessary?

You’ve heard many Doctors talk about why supplements are not needed and that you’re just buying expensive urine. I agree. If you’re not buying a good quality Vitamin and Mineral Food Supplement that contains phytonutrients, you’re wasting your money and could be doing more harm to your body than good.

Does Healthy Eating still exist?

There was a time when it was so easy to distinguish, between healthy and unhealthy eating. Whether you decide to choose a healthy lifestyle or not, at least you knew what was good for you and what was bad. Supplementing with vitamins were for people that were sick or had weak immune systems.

Sadly today, life has become more complicated than that. No, I am not even going to go into this Doctor or that Professor’s take on what a healthy diet should look like. That is a post for a whole different day. Today we focus on food supplements and why you need them, if at all.

If we go back to basics, a healthy balanced meal would consist of a portion of each of the 5 food groups: protein, grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables.
You would eat 3 main meals a day with 2-3 snacks in between, each meal contributing to the five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables you need to consume in a day to achieve optimal health.

Supplementation fills the nutritional gap left by food.

Simple enough right? Then why is it, that even when so many of us really commit to a healthy lifestyle, (eating healthy, exercising, drinking tons of water) we still end up sick, over- or underweight or just have a complete lack of energy?

Even if we are able to achieve the goal of 5+ servings of fruits and vegetables a day, considering the ridiculous cost of fresh fruits and vegetables these days. What we DO NOT take into account is the lack of nutrients in our fresh produce.

Watch this video to learn about the Nutritional Gap.

Hormones or Nutrients?

Fruit and vegetables leave a nutritional gap and therefore we need supplements to keep us healthy with organically grown vitamin & mineral supplements.

Fruits and vegetables produced today are not only lacking in nutrients compared to 20+ years ago, because of mass production and early harvesting. It can actually be hazardous to our health. I’m not just talking about pesticides and insecticides being sprayed to protect the growing plants. I’m referring to the steroids and hormones used to get these plants growing faster, bigger, sweeter or more colourful.

Now you could argue that you only buy organic…at yet again a massive price hike. Is your supplier truly organic though?

Organic? Yeah Right!

Is your fruit and vegetables grown organically or do you need a good fruit and vegetable supplement to keep you healthy?

Many fresh produce farmers claim to have organic farms. After doing some research (check your area laws as they differ in each country and/or state), I found that “Organic” is a vague claim to make and just a grey area in general.

You could claim that your farm is organic if you:

  • Do not use hormones or steroids to improve growth. OR
  • You use natural or no pesticides and insecticides.
  • Your produce is grown in a garden with soil and not genetically grown.

This basically means that if you grow fruits and vegetables in your backyard, you ‘could‘ sell it as organic. This was such a face palm moment for me. No wonder everything nowadays is “organic”.

Certified Organic

When shopping organic, what you need to look for is the term “Certified Organic”. This means certain processes have to be in place and regular checks and assessments have to be conducted and passed in order to become and remain “Certified Organic”.

Why Food Supplements are Crucial! 2

Filling the Gap

Having read the above and watched the video, I think you’ll agree with me that even when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there truly is a gap when relying on food as our only nutritional source.

Hence the reason for good quality Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation that contain Phytonutrients.

Organically grown Nutrilite Vitamin and Mineral Supplement to keep you healthy and fill the nutritional gap.

Recommended Supplement Brand

I wholeheartedly recommend the NutriliteTM brand as supplementation choice for your entire family. NutriliteTM was the brand that founded phytonutrients over 80 years ago and now own certified organic farms all over the world. Currently the #1 Selling Vitamin & Mineral Supplement in the world. (Euromonitor International)

They’re also endorsed by HWH Global and listed under their Partner Stores for supplementation.

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