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Nobody understands Mom-exhaustion, but other mothers.

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What is Mom Exhaustion?

It is the same as normal exhaustion, just 1000x worse!
Now I could go into WHY we are so exhausted all the time, but I’ll leave that for a post aimed at the dads. We know why we’re exhausted – we’re looking for something to help us be less exhausted.

Does a Solution to Mom-Exhaustion even exist?

Great News! I have found it!!!

Now, let’s be honest, seeing that Mom Exhaustion is 1000x worse than normal exhaustion, this might not give you the same boost as it will for hubby (who thinks he is exhausted), but it sure as hell will help you get through the day and you might actually find that after a few days, you’re just normal exhausted.

NUTRILITE™ has recently re-launched their new and improved Vitamin B Plus with dual-action technology.

Mom Exhaustion - The No.1 Solution 1


If you don’t know NUTRILITE™, they are the world’s Nr 1 selling brand of vitamins and dietary supplements. Have a look at this post. Why Nutrilite should be your No.1 Vitamin & Mineral Supplement Choice

New and Improved

I used the NUTRILITE™ Vitamin B Complex and was very upset when I heard it was taken off the shelves for improvements as I felt there was absolutely nothing wrong with it! Anyhoos the scientists know best and now it is back, New and Improved. Now called Vitamin B Plus with dual-action technology.

Life before this Vitamin B Supplement…

Exhausted mom yawning.

Initially hubby bought it for him because he was…“exhausted” with having to work everyday and juggle kids at night (while I was working at the dance studio).

One week, I was just done with – absolute paste. I had been working half day, taking my baby with me (she was only 2 weeks old), then picking up the 2 children from school around 13:00. Prepare lunch, do homework with the oldest (another reason I love homeschooling now), preparing for my classes that evening and be ready to leave around 17:00. Then I have a 45 minute drive to the studio, teach dancing till 21:00, sometimes later and drive another 45 minutes back home.

At this time I was also Exclusively Breastfeeding my daughter who refused to take a bottle and would rather go hungry for 4+ hours than take a sip of formula. Once in a blue moon she would take a few sips of pumped breast milk from the bottle, just to ease the worst of the hunger and then wait for mommy to come home.

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Exhausted woman sleeping on desk.

…and after!

Exhausted and fed up after yet another sleepless night, I grabbed the bottle of NUTRILITE™ Vitamin B Complex (previous version) , checked the ingredients and everything seemed breastfeeding safe so I decided it was worth a shot.

Man oh man did it make a world of difference! Within 2 days I felt like a brand new person.

Mom Exhaustion - The No.1 Solution 2

You notice it in the small things, like:

  • Being less irritable getting the kids ready for school.
  • Not falling asleep on your keyboard at work.
  • Not nodding off while driving to and from the studio at night. Scary – I know!

The bonus? It increased my milk supply! I was ecstatic! This meant I could pump more, so that on the odd chance my daughter decides to drink expressed milk from the bottle, the option is available to her. This felt like such a weight lifted from my shoulders.

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What makes this new Vitamin B supplement special?

In their words:  Just one tablet of NUTRILITE™ Vitamin B Plus offers 100% NRV*! Using dual-action technology all eight essential B vitamins are released to the body at the optimal time. Dual-action technology is a combination of instant-release (providing a boost of vitamins B2 and B12 immediately after taking), and extended-release (releasing vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B9 over an 8-hour period). B vitamins support normal energy-yielding metabolism and fight fatigue**.

Basically all that means is that this Vitamin B Plus Dual-Action is specially formulated to give you an immediate boost of certain Vitamin B’s and the rest are being released over 8 hours. This allows for optimal absorption and effectiveness.


Wilna Vitamin B Exhaustion Testimony


I am on medication for my thyroid and haven’t been mix it with any other supplements as the interaction between them would leave me tired to the point where I just want to sleep all day. This is truly the first vitamin supplement I have taken, that actually gives the results it promises. I have so much more energy and I get much more done in a day than before. I will definitely stick with Nutrilite and will never even try another supplement brand again.

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