Homeschooling 1

Homeschooling my children was never a goal or at all something I planned for our future. In fact, I was one of these completely ignorant people that said “I would NEVER be able to do that.” or “No thanks, I definitely won’t be able to spend all day, everyday with my children.”

I would unintentionally interrogate homeschool parents with questions about their qualifications (or lack thereof), their children’s social skills or if they’d be able to attend university after school.
I feel like such a fool now. Hahaha! If I only knew.

We first played with the idea of homeschooling when my oldest was 3 years old and then officially took the plunge when we pulled him out “school” in Grade R.

Initially my only point of reference when it came to any type of schooling was well, public school. It is all I knew, so that is what I tried to replicate at home. What a disaster. I also spent a fortune on a service provider to make sure my child will be able to have a school leaving certificate.
That money ended up being mommy’s school fees when I decided to chuck the curriculum and do it OUR way.

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