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The marvelous thing about homeschooling is that you get to do things “differently”. No need to sit behind a desk spending hours on book work when you can “learn-in-action”. Today we’re homeschooling in the kitchen and I DON’T mean at the kitchen table.

We’re baking Bran and Banana Muffins

Bran & Banana Muffins

I found some frozen bananas in the freezer, that we saved for when we’d bake the next batch of muffins, which happens to be today. I am a proud premix baker so I am armed and ready with a Golden Cloud Bran Muffins mix that we will just add the smashed bananas to once they’ve thawed.

Yummy Homeschooling

Aside from “cooking class” and baking yummy muffins, we also get to work on a few of our other homeschooling subjects while improving some everyday life skills like reading, measuring and mathematics.

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Sharing the Kitchen

I don’t generally enjoy the kitchen, I do however LOVE eating, so I am forced to spend some time in there. That said, sharing it with 3 messy monsters is definitely not my idea of a fun afternoon, but they truly love it – so I endure it.

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Healthy and Delicious

Muffins for homeschool

Bran and Banana might not sound like the most delicious muffins to you, but although I use premixes (and yes I know they are crammed with sugar) I try to always add something healthy to our bran mix. This also helps to break the sweetness found in the premixed packs. Some of my favourites are Apple & Carrot, Banana or Blueberries.

We do of course take our amazing Nutrilite Vitamin and Mineral Supplements that make sure we fill the nutritional gap and our bodies and minds get all the good stuff they need. If you’re not sure whether you need to take a Vitamin and Mineral supplement, have a look at this article.

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