Hair-loss After Pregnancy

Hair-loss after pregnancy

Hair-loss is something I never thought I would struggle with. My hair has always been the one part of my appearance that would stand out and get me compliments, even from complete strangers.  I was blessed with long, thick, straight, dark hair that were always shiny and healthy.  All of which changed after giving birth to my second child. 

Before children healthy hair
This was me, pre-babies and pre-hair-loss. I usually have long straight hair, so the curls obviously takes some length away, but just look at how thick and full it was. If you’re looking for curling iron, have a look at the Multi-functional Professional Hair Curler.

Hair-loss after Pregnancy

Hair-loss after pregnancy

It’s a well known fact that you lose little to no hair during pregnancy and that the hair-fall would “catch-up” after you give birth.  With needing to visit the salon every few weeks to thin out my hair, I really didn’t mind when it started to feel like more hair was falling out than was supposed to.  This soon changed when I started noticing fallen hair EVERYWHERE.  My pillow, the towels, the couch, the floor…EVERYWHERE!

Managing my hair-loss nightmare

The hair-loss escalated to the point where this became my hair washing routine:

  • I would go outside to brush my hair, to get all the loose strands out and avoid making a mess inside the house.
  • I would then proceed to wash my hair, hanging handfuls of hair over the side of the tub.
  • After the wash I would go right back outside to comb the wet, conditioned hair with a big tooth comb to remove even more handfuls of hair and to shake out the hair-covered towel.  Every step followed with a trip or ten to the trashcan. 
  • I tried to avoid heating my hair, whether it be for drying or styling, in hopes of keeping some glimpse of health and shine.  Instead, I would sundry my hair.  LOL! Yes, I realize how that sounds.
  • Once dry, another good comb through to get the loose hair out. By then I would change my shirt as it will be covered in hair.

    That is what every single hair-wash day looked like for me!
Short hair due to hair-loss

I ended up cutting my hair very short, in hopes that new healthy hair would grow out, but my hair continued to fall out.

This is me after my haircut, when my second born son was only a few months old.

The Solution to my hair-loss

I tried so many products, lotions and potions and none gave me the results I’ve been getting from SATINIQUE™ Anti-Hairfall range.

Combining ENERJUVE™ (patented complex composed of lipids, 18-MEA and creatine. U.S. Patent 8,263,053) and botanicals Ginseng, Eclipta Alba Extract and Mulberry Leaf Extract, the Satinique Anti-hairfall Shampoo and Conditioner helps repair and restore hair back to its natural, healthy state. By stimulating hair growth, while reducing hair loss caused by breakage, it leaves you with fuller and thicker hair.

My results

My first proof of results?  Fewer trips to the trashcan!  Fewer hairs on my shirt, my pillow, my towel and floor.  That was enough proof for me. With continued use I could feel that I have more hair and that it was becoming thicker again.

Repaired and regrown hair

This was me earlier this year (February) when our 3rd baby turned 2 years old.

Healthy hair after hair-loss.

This is me now, June of the same year.

Who I recommend it to

Absolutely anybody and everybody that struggles with hair-loss. Being a dancing instructor, I often get brides complaining of hair-loss. This is usually coupled with skin breakouts and weak nails, more than likely caused by the stress of planning a wedding. For them I recommend this range along with the Nutrilite Biotin C Plus in this Anti-hairfall pack.




“Hi Steffie. I just want to thank you for introducing me to the Anti-hairfall products.” My hair was falling out so bad, I washed hair and saw a hand full of hair. Thanks to Steffie I used this products and wow! Hair doesn’t fall out as much and my hair looks like I have some life.

Amanda Hair-loss results


A few years ago I went through a stressful time in my life and noticed that my hair was falling out rapidly and thinning quite drastically. I tried every product at the pharmacy, but nothing seemed to work. It was almost as if the rest of my body’s hair growth was stimulated, except where I needed it.

Out of desperation, one day I mentioned to Steffie about my problem and she recommended Satinique’s Anti-hairfall shampoo conditioner. Well, I was pleasantly surprised and have not even considered any other product since.

I can, with all honesty recommend this, as it really works. My hair growth is back to normal, my hair is healthy and shiny. I colour treat my hair and it doesn’t fade my colour.

If you’re struggling with hair-loss and would like more information on the Satinique Anti-Hairfall range, leave me a comment and I’ll be in touch. Also let me know if you have any skin/nail related issues as well as what area you’re in so we can give you the best possible feedback on what to use, where to get it and what the costs will be.

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