Divorce & Co-Parenting 1

The day you said “I do” you didn’t plan for it to be a temporary arrangement. You didn’t expect to stand in a courtroom a few years later, hearing a judge declare you divorced.

Sadly this happens to more couples than we’d like to admit. Regardless of the reason for the divorce, no one walks out of it, unscathed. Even more so if there are children involved.

I never planned to be a single mother, having to share my children back and forth every other weekend. To spend nights alone, bawling my eyes out, not being able to check on them in their beds. Not knowing if they were warm, safe and happy.
I am very lucky to have an ex husband that is a great father, so I didn’t really have to question their safety, but a mother’s heart is empty when her children are not in arm’s reach.
Co-parenting our children has not always been easy, but as long as we put their needs above our own issues, we get the job done.
I’ve since met a wonderful man that immediately stepped up as an a amazing bonus-dad to our boys.
We often say that we’re not a broken family, we’re an extended family.

Words from my heart and my journey.