How Dirty Dancing Mama! came to light

Dirty Dancing Mama! is a site for women in all stages of motherhood. Filled with information, tips and here and there just a few venting posts. Being a mother is a blessing and a curse. It is hard work and sometimes we lose ourselves a little. This is is to remind you that although being a mom is the most important role you’ll play, but you’re so much more than “just” a mother. Read my very first blog post below, the start of Dirty Dancing Mama!

Woman mother blog

It all started with a Mom Blog post

As I sat there excited to start my first blog, I was faced with the frustration of choosing a domain name.  What I thought would be an easy task, a pebble in the road to become a “Mommy Blogger”, turned out to be quite the stepping stone. I’m very much a perfectionist and believe that a name is as important as a location when trying to be successful in any kind of industry. 

I’m also a bit bossy, okay I’m a lot bossy!  So when I decided to start a blog it was mainly for the reason to help “educate” pregnant women about certain aspects concerning birth to help ease the stress of the day for both mom and baby. Sounds like a good idea right?  But then the Pinky & the Brain in me took over and I thought, why stick to one subject when I can…TAKE OVER THE WORLD?

Choosing a Theme for my Blog

I decided that I cannot choose a theme for my blog as I have too much to say, in many different areas. Being very inspired by Mom Talk (Momtrepreneur back then) by Claire Minnaar, I found that I didn’t have to stick to a single theme or two and that the web was open to all my self proclaimed “knowledge”.  Once again, the world was mine for the taken. So that’s how I got to the wonderful journey of choosing a domain…yeah right.

I was more than “JUST” a Mom

After a brainstorming session with hubby (now ex-hubby, read The Pain of Divorce), WE decided that I felt very passionate about the fact that I’m more than a mom.  That all mothers are more than just mothers, we’re wives, friends, career women, keyword being WOMEN, we’re WOMEN!  When you look past all the baby puke and dirty diaper smells, there’s still a ME inside here!

So I had it!  My domain name would be something to do with Moms being more than moms… My initial thoughts were, “More Than a Mom”-taken, “Not just a Mom”-taken, okay how about “Not just a Mommy”?-taken, “More Than a Mother”-taken!  After spending almost two hours trying to find some form of my ideal domain name I gave up.

Domain name – Done!

Being the owner of a dance studio called Rhythm Divine Dancing and a great lover of the art, I defaulted back to what I’M all about…DANCING! Since I wanted something that would express that we’re more than just mothers…I figured why not start with me? I’m a mother, and definitely one with skills I don’t want the world to overlook. I love my family to bits, but there’s more to me. I’m a teacher, a business woman, a dancer…I’m a Dirty Dancing Mama!

Woman in dancing back drop

That was the start of Dirty Dancing Mama!

We strive to provide factual, relevant and to the point content on various subjects related to the motherhood journey. We share experiences, notes, laughs, tears and perhaps a bottle of wine (or two).

Welcome to the Dirty Dancing Mama! family.