Beauty & Self Care for Busy Mamas! 1

Isn’t it incredible how the moment you had children your needs completely disappeared from your priority list?
Just think of that first week after your baby was born. How many times did you shower or take a bath?
How many proper meals did you eat in a day? Did you remember to drink water?
Who am I kidding? There wasn’t time for any of that! Because every time that baby made a sound, you dropped everything and attended to it. Now don’t get me wrong, of course the defenseless little baby’s needs should be taken care of first. Simply because his/her needs are usually a more urgent matter, and also the crying will drive you insane so we try to minimize it that as much as we can.

The reality is that, that is were you formed the habit of taking care of everyone, except yourself.
Just like all posts, there will be a few moms who will not be able to relate to this at all. Who actually take the time to go do their hair, nails and book that massage when they feel they need a time out. If that’s you. Fabulous! Well done mama for taking care of you. You absolutely deserve it!
For most of us, that is just a distant memory or somewhere in the top 100 of our dream list. Something we will get to “when there is time”. Hahaha! We all know when that will be.

So, crammed in the pages of our Pretty Woman section are quick and effective beauty and self care tips, videos and product recommendations that you can easily fit in your very busy mama schedule.

You’ll also find the occasional venting post, because Hey, I need to remind you that you’re not going through this alone.

Some posts to get you started.