Hi, I’m Steffie Fourie

I’m passionate, strong-willed and opinionated. I’m a serial entrepreneur and completely unemployable in any position that requires my life to run in an endless loop.

About Me 1

I’m an old soul that appreciates Country music and Old Rock.
I love singing and dancing and I’ve literally spent half my life as a Ballroom & Latin Dancing instructor and choreographer and still going strong.

I’m in my early thirties and finally ready to embrace it.
I’ve been married, divorced and a single mom of 2 boys.
I am now in a solid (unmarried) relationship with an ambitious man, who is my daily reminder that no goal or dream is too big to chase.

We grew our family with a little girl and he is a wonderful father to all 3 our children.
You’ll see me referring to him as my husband or hubby in the posts, because honestly I am tired of answering people’s private messages of whether my “partner” is a man or a woman. (Like the words “he” and “him” just disappear when you add the word “partner” in a sentence.) Also, he does the job, he just hasn’t gotten the official title yet.

I am a Homeschool Mama and loving every second of it! I am particularly passionate about alternative learning methods and teaching each child in their particular learning style instead of just popping everyone behind a desk.

That’s me in a nutshell, I hope you’ll find at least some things on my site relatable and that you can get some value from it.